aagot.no rokne

Born in Norway, art-philosopher Aagot.no Rokne lives and works in Denmark nowadays. A number of her works feature Frank Zappa.


In the early 1990's, Aagot.no Rokne started to paint. Some of these paintings featured Frank Zappa.
After various exhibitions all over Scandinavia, she did her first Zappa-dedicated expo in 2011 at The Yellow Snow Festival in Larvik.
The "Zappa-In-Zappa" exhibit showed paintings and collages.

In 2012, she held another Zappa-inspired art exposition at the Larvik Yellow Snow Festival, and she also contributed several works to the Zappanale exposition in Bad Doberan, Germany.

"Dumb All Over" by Aagot.no Rokne.
"Poodle For President" by Aagot.no Rokne
(oil paint)
"This Is The First Step..." by Aagot.no Rokne






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