ace 9

burgers by satellite
    - incl. part of 'montana' (frank zappa)

2004 cd ger foxxy music fm cd 1650

recorded in 2003 in edingen, germany

  jens heuser: drums, vocals
  harald koob: guitars, vocals
  michael nazarenus: guitars, vocals
  randall e.recknagel: lead vocals
  michael schuppler: bass
  ulli herr: keyboards
  irina koob: keyboards
  sonja nazarenus: recorders
  conny recknage: vocals
  t-low: moog taurus pedal

  1. clean windows
  2. spellbound
  3. waves in the dawn
  4. fools in disguise
  5. him & her
  6. must've been good
  7. the heat
  8. you & i
  9. the show
  10. queen of the beyond
  11. dirty woman
  12. back in my soul  -  incl. the end chorus of 'montana' (frank zappa)
  13. all this