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Saxophonist Fabrizio Cassol, bassist Michel Hatzigeorgiou, and drummer Stéphane Galland are the founding members of Aka Moon, a Belgian avant-garde jazz band. All three were already active musicians playing in various groups including the Nasa Na Band (with guitarist Pierre Van Dormael), but came together to record as Aka Moon after spending some time in the Central African Republic studying the musical habits of the native Aka pygmies tribe.
In 1992, they released their first album, inspired by the methodology that the pygmies used in creating their music.

Aka Moon's overall sound is a mixture of jazz, rock, world music, and avant-garde.


The above picture was taken at the 2008/02/01 concert at 'De Singer', in Rijkevorsel, Belgium and shows Michel Hatzigeorgiou, Fabrizio Cassol & Stéphane Galland.



1 aka moon: aka moon
    (1992, cd, bel, carbon 7)

akamoon_akamoon.jpg (26022 bytes)

  aka pygmies: nzomba
    (1992, cd, bel, carbon 7)

aka_pygmies_nzomba.jpg (25839 bytes)

2 aka moon: rebirth
    (1994, cd, bel, carbon 7)

  jeroen van herzeele - peter hertmans - stéphane galland: at the crossroads
    (1994, cd, bel, carbon 7)
3 aka moon: akasha vol 1
    (1995, cd, bel, carbon 7)

akamoon_akasha1.jpg (17288 bytes)

4 aka moon: akasha vol 2
    (1996, cd, bel, carbon 7)

akamoon_akasha2.jpg (100587 bytes)

5 aka moon: ganesh
    (1997, cd, bel, carbon 7)

akamoon_ganesh.jpg (52579 bytes)

6 aka moon: elohim
    (1997, cd, bel, carbon 7)

akamoon_elohim.jpg (34938 bytes)

  various artists: the carbon 7 compilations volume1 - avant jazz
    (1998, cd, bel, carbon 7 c7-002s) - incl. aka moon
7 aka moon: live at vooruit
    (1998, cd, bel, carbon 7) 

akamoon_vooruit.jpg (39261 bytes)

  aka moon: the carbon 7 compilations - volume 2
    (1998, cd, bel, carbon 7) = compilation album, with one new track

carbon7_vol2.jpg (71014 bytes)

8 aka moon with ictus: invisible mother
    (1999, cd, bel, carbon 7) 

akamoon_invisblemother.jpg (16417 bytes)

9 aka moon: live at the kaai 31.3.1993
    (1999, cd, bel, carbon 7)

akamoon_liveatthekaai.jpg (15842 bytes)

10 aka moon: invisible sun
    (2000, cd, bel, carbon 7)

akamoon_invisiblesun.jpg (22453 bytes)

11 aka moon: in real time
    (2001, cd, bel, carbon 7)
12 aka moon: invisible moon
    (2001, cd, bel, carbon 7)
13 aka moon: guitars
    (2002, cd, bel, de werf 031)

akamoon_guitars.jpg (27205 bytes)


fabrizio cassol: vsprs
    (2006, cd, bel, cypres open 02) - feat. michel hatzigeorgiou and stéphane galland

cassol_vsprs.jpg (18168 bytes)

14 aka moon: amazir
    (2006, cd, ??, cypres cyp0601)

  various artists: klara festival 2007
    (2007, cd-promo, eu, klara festival) - incl. aka moon, flat earth society

klara2007_cd.jpg (30818 bytes)

  fabrizio cassol: pitié! - inspired by the matthew passion of j.s. bach
    (2008, cd, bel, cypres cyp0604) - feat. michel hatzigeorgiou and stéphane galland

cassol_pitie.jpg (23332 bytes)

15 aka moon & baba sissoko & black machine: culture griot
    (2009, cd, bel, cypres cyp0605)

akamoon_sissoko_culturegriot.jpg (39938 bytes)

16 dj grazzhoppa's dj bigband + aka moon: s/t
    (2010, cd + dvd, bel, cypres open 06)

djgrazzhoppa_aka_moon.jpg (26880 bytes)

17 aka moon: unison
    (2012, cd, bel, cypres records cyp 0607)

akamoon_unison.jpg (121761 bytes)

18 cassol, hatzigeorgiou, galland & friends: aka balkan moon / alefba
    (2015, 2cd, bel, outhere music out 657)

akabalkanmoon.jpg (23768 bytes)

19 aka moon: the scarlatti book
    (2015, cd, bel, outhere music out 658)

akamoon_scarlatti.jpg (27041 bytes)

  nasa na: live 91
    (2017, cd, be, outhere music out 659) = pierre van dormael, fabrizio cassol, michel hatzigeorgiou, stéphane galland

nasana_live91.jpg (23084 bytes)

20 aka moon: constellations box
    (2017, 20cd box, bel, outhere music out 661)
akamoon_constellations.jpg (33275 bytes)
21 aka moon: now
    (2017, cd, bel, outhere music out 662)
akamoon_now.jpg (14812 bytes)
  david linx & michel hatzigeorgiou: the wordsmith
    (2019, cd, eu, sound surveyor music)
22 aka moon: opus 111
    (2020, cd, bel outhere music out 664)


Aka Moon on the cover of the September 2012 edition of Jazzmozaïek magazine.

The magazine includes a 3-page interview.



  • 2006/04/29 concert 'Opera La Monnaie / De Munt', Brussels, Belgium
    AKA MOON - African Voices"

    • musicians

      • Fabrizio CASSOL: Saxophone, Composition, Michel HATZIGEORGIOU: Fender Jazz Bass, Stéphane GALLAND: Drums, Fabian FIORINI: piano

      • Marie DAULNE: Vocal, Oumou SANGARE: Vocal, Me'Shell NDÉGÉOCELLO: Fender Jazz Bass, Baba SISSOKO: Vocal, n'goni, percussions, David GILMORE: Guitar, David LINX: Vocal, Magic MALIK: Flûte, La choraline: Choeur de jeunes de la Monnaie (Vocal young chorus from "La Monnaie")  

    • Setlist

      • Ali Farka, Pygmées, Soukora, Someday's, Men's Dance, Princess Kezia, Um Saying, Improvisation, Cuban #1, Moonlight, Oumou Fast, L'ange, L'ange (reprise)

  • 2007/06/17 concert Chamarance, France 
    "AKA MOON, feat. Magic Malik"

    • musicians

      • Fabrizio CASSOL: Saxophone, Composition, Michel HATZIGEORGIOU: Fender Jazz Bass, Stéphane GALLAND: Drums, Magic MALIK: Flûte 

    • setlist

      • Présentation, Ali Farka, Amazir, Cuban #1, Ursula and The Wind Dance, Lila, Vasco, Jimmi's Three Words, Coucou, Men's Dance, Présentation des musiciens


  • 2007/09/09 concert 'Cabaret Sauvage', La Villette, Paris, France
    "AKA MOON 15th Anniversary"

    • musicians

      • Fabrizio Cassol - sax, Michel Hatzigeorgiou - bass, Stéphane Galland - drums, Tcha Limberger - violin, Adam Woolf - trombone, Magic Malik - flute, Nelson Veras - guitar, Baba Sissoko - n'goni and tamani, Umayalpuram K. Sivaraman - mrudangam

    • setlist

      • Introduction Baba - Présentation des musiciens (Fabrizio CASSOL), Mali mali, Hotel wassulu, Bamako (Ali Farka Touré), Bamako 2, Vasco (introduction Sivaraman), Vasco (suite), Cuban #1, Lila, Last Call From Jaco (solo Michel HATZIGEORGIOU), Elohim On The Moon, Ghanji (The Unseizable Water), présentation des musiciens (Fabrizio CASSOL)
        encore: Identification With The Tree 

      • All compositions by Fabrizio CASSOL except Mali mali, by Baba SISSOKO


  • 2008/02/01 concert 'De Singer', Rijkevorsel, Belgium
    • Fabrizio CASSOL: Saxophone, Composition, Michel HATZIGEORGIOU: Fender Jazz Bass, Stéphane GALLAND: Drums

Michel Hatzigeorgiou - Fabrizio Cassol 

Michel 'Hatzi' Hatzigeorgiou

  • 2012/04/21 concert 'De Singer', Rijkevorsel, Belgium
    • Fabrizio Cassol: saxophone, compositions
    • Michel Hatzigeorgiou: fender jazz bass
    • Stéphane Galland: drums

Aka Moon Michel Hatzigeorgiou

Fabrizio Cassol

Stéphane Galland

  • 2012/04/26 concert 'De Casino', Sint Niklaas, Belgium
    • Fabrizio Cassol: saxophone, compositions
    • Michel Hatzigeorgiou: fender jazz bass
    • Stéphane Galland: drums


welcome at 'De Casino'...

Fabrizio Cassol

Michel Hatzigeorgiou

Aka Moon

Stéphane Galland






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