alamaailman vasarat

Finnish band Alamaailman Vasarat call themselves the Finnish prophets of fictional world music. The band's line-up and instrumentation might give an idea of what to expect.

The picture on the right was taken by Nico Luoma and can be found on the band's webite.

The band performed at the 2008 edition of the Zappanale Festival in Bad Doberan, Germany.



  alamaailman vasarat: vasaraasia
    (2000, cd, eu, backstage alliance)

alamaailman_vasaraasia.jpg (61687 bytes)

  alamaailman vasarat: käärmelautakunta
    (2003, cd, eu, backstage alliance)

alamaailman_kaarmelautakunta.jpg (31417 bytes)

  alamaailman vasarat with tuomari nurmio: kinaporin kalifaatti
    (200?, cd+dvd, eu, johanna kaustannus)

alamaailman_kinaporin.jpg (16582 bytes)

3 alamaailman vasarat: maahan
    (2007, cd, eu, backstage alliance)

alamaailman_maahan.jpg (9029 bytes)

  various artists: zappanale 19
    (2009, mp3-dvd, ger, arf society) - incl. various artists playing frank zappa compositions

z19_mp3disc.jpg (23620 bytes)

  alamaailman vasarat: huuro kolkko
    (2009, cd, eu, no not)

alamaailman_vasarat_huurokolkko.jpg (51129 bytes)

  alamaailman vasarat: haudasta lomilla
    (2011, dvd, eu, laskeuma)
alamaailman_vasarat_haudasta_lomilla.jpg (18107 bytes)
  alamaailman vasarat: valta
    (????, cd, ??, ??)


2008 07 30

Finnish band Alamaailman Vasarat has a very tight schedule the next couple of weeks.
I was very glad that Jarno "Stakula" Sarkul a took some time to answer a couple of questions.

UniMuta: Alamaailman Vasarat will be playing in Hungary on August 14, in the Czech Republic on August 15, and at the Zappanale Festival in Bad Doberan on August 16. Wow !
And I wanted to ask you if you're looking forward to play at the Zappanale Festival...
This looks like an incredible schedule. Will that be a normal week for Alamaailman Vasarat?

Jarno "Stakula" Sarkul a: Yes, it is a busy week for the band, but not very usual. Mostly, we do gigs on weekends, like Canada and Germany two weeks before Zappanale. We look forward to playing in Zappanale, it will be the last of our summer gigs and certainly a memorable one for us and hopefully for the audience too.

UniMuta: Do you like playing at festivals? Or do you prefer clubs or concert halls?

Jarno "Stakula" Sarkul a: We like both. Festivals are nice, because it is fun to perform when there's big audience, big stage and you have to do big moves. Then again, smaller clubs are very intimate and the gigs tend to have more dynamics in the music - quiet is really quiet and loud seems louder.

UniMuta: You have been playing quite a number of gigs this year. How has the reaction been this far? And how is the respons on the new album, "Maahan".

Jarno "Stakula" Sarkul a: It seems people like "Maahan" best so far, at least considering the feedback and sales. We think it is our best one to date as well! Yes, we've had some goods gigs this year and responses have varied from positively surprised to rave cheering. We're lucky to have performed in front of the audiences who really seem to like us.

 UniMuta: The Zappanale Festival presents prog rock bands, experimental jazz, and much more. Above all, it's also a tribute to the late Frank Zappa. Are you familiar with the works of Frank Zappa?

Jarno "Stakula" Sarkul a: I don't know Zappa's music that well myself, but I think some of the band members do. What I've read of the legendary genius, I'm sure we share some of the beliefs on how to make music, so I think our participation at Zappanale is well justified and we carry on the legacy!

UniMuta: Do you have a special message for the Zappanale audience?

Jarno "Stakula" Sarkul a: Thanks in advance for coming to see us and supporting festivals like Zappanale! Bring on some heavy heart medication, because you're in for a show you'll remember till you croak! 

Alamaailman Vasarat will be performing at the Zappanale festival on Saturday, 2008 08 16, at 16.00h.







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