cd cover - european edition
cd cover - american edition
(also the cover of the cd / dvd 'deluxe edition')

anderson ponty band

better late than never

2015 cd/dvd germany ear music 0210652emu


jon anderson: lead vocals
jean-luc ponty: violins
baron browne: bass
jamie glaser: guitars
rayford griffen: drums and percussion
wally minko: keyboards


  1. intro  (wally minko)
  2. one in the rhythm of hope  (jean-luc ponty, jon anderson)
  3. a for aria  (jon anderson, enrico tomat)
  4. owner of a lonely heart  (jon anderson, trevor rabin, chris squire, trevor horn)
  5. listening with me  (jean-luc ponty, jon anderson)
  6. time and a word  (jon anderson, david foster)
  7. infinite mirage  (jean-luc ponty, jon anderson)
  8. soul eternal  (jean-luc ponty, jon anderson)
  9. wonderous stories  (jon anderson)
  10. and you and i  (jon anderson, bill bruford, steve how, chris squire)
  11. renaissance of the sun  (jean-luc ponty, jon anderson)
  12. roundabout  (jon anderson, steve howe)
  13. i see you messenger  (jon anderson, damon anderson, sean anderson)
  14. new new world  (jon anderson, jamie dunlap)

dvd  (recorded at wheeler opera house in aspen, colorado, september 2014)

  1. intro
  2. one in the rhythm of hope
  3. a for aria
  4. owner of a lonely heart
  5. listening with me
  6. time and a word
  7. infinite mirage
  8. soul eternal
  9. wonderous stories
  10. renaissance of the usn
  11. roundabout