joris vanvinckenroye / basta / aranis

Belgian ensemble Aranis is lead by composer and bass player Joris Vanvinckenroye. The band mixes classical music, rock, jazz and folk into a typical, recognisable sound.
July 2014, the ensemble performed at Zappanale where Pierre Chevalier played a Zappa medley on piano during the set.


1 aranis: aranis
    (2005, cd, bel, private release / lowlands)

aranis_1.jpg (13203 bytes)

2 aranis: aranis II
    (2007, cd, bel, private release / lowlands)

aranis2.jpg (21248 bytes)

  aranis: hidden soundscapes
    (2007, cd, bel, jeugd en muziek)
aranis_hiddensoundscapes.jpg (23975 bytes)
  aranis: aranis
    (2008), lp, bel, private release / lowlands) = sampler
aranis_lp_sampler.jpg (8727 bytes)
  basta: cycles
    (2009, cd, bel, homerecords) = joris vanvinckenroye
basta_cycles.jpg (20752 bytes)
3 aranis: songs from mirage
    (2009, cd, bel, homerecords)
aranis_songsfrommirage.jpg (22258 bytes)
4 aranis: roqueforte
    (2010, cd, bel, homerecords)
aranis_roqueforte.jpg (20916 bytes)
5 aranis: made in belgium
    (2012, cd, bel, homerecords)
aranis_madinbelgium.jpg (21874 bytes)
  joris vanvinckenroye: in rood
    (2013, cd, bel, belfius)
geysen_vanvinckenroye_inrood.jpg (26787 bytes)


aranis: made in belgium II
    (2014, cd, bel, homerecords) - feat. pierre vervloesem
aranis_madeinbelgium2.jpg (27361 bytes)


aranis: smells like aranis
    (2017, cd, bel, homerecords)
aranis_smellslike.jpg (24295 bytes)


Aranis at Zappanale, 2014 07 18
picture by Javier



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