hans annÚllsson

one more time for the world some more
    - incl. 'what's the ugliest part of your body' (frank zappa)

2002 cd swe anncd 8

hans annÚllsson
sven bornemark: lapsteel 2
john marshall gibbs: vocals 1,2,4,5,7,8,10,12,14,16
                bass & guitar 5 ; dilruba 4
mikael hanstr÷m: guitar 5
jan-ňke j÷nsson: bass 1

  1. prince rupert awakes (fripp-sinfield)
  2. what's the ugliest part of your body? (zappa)
  3. anabolic parabolic (annellsson)
  4. close to the edge (anderson-howe)
  5. woman is the nigger of the world (lennon-ono)
  6. let's rock (the boat) (annellsson)
  7. afterglow (banks)
  8. magical mystery tour (lennon-mccartney)
  9. fracture (fripp)
  10. onward (squire)
  11. basement dweller (annellsson)
  12. south side of the sky (anderson-squire)
  13. it conquered the world (annellsson)
  14. yours is no disgrace (anderson-qsuire-howe-bruford-kaye)
  15. sit.com (annellsson)
  16. here come the warm jet (eno)