adrian belew

salad days

1999 cd usa thirsty ear recordings thi 57061.2

  adrian belew: all instruments and vocals
  david davidson: first violin
  david angell: second violin
  kristin wilkinson: viola
  john catchings: cello

produced by adrian belew

  1. the lone rhinoceros  (adrian belew)

  2. men in helicopters  (adrian belew)

  3. the rail song  (adrian belew)

  4. everything  (adrian belew)

  5. three of a perfect pair  (live in argentina)  (king crimson)

  6. return of the chicken  (adrian belew)

  7. never enough  (adrian belew)

  8. the man in the moon  (adrian belew)

  9. i remember how to forget  (adrian belew)

  10. bad days  (adrian belew)

  11. fly  (live in argentina)  (adrian belew)

  12. young lions  (adrian belew)

  13. things you hit with a stick  (adrian belew)

  14. cage  (king crimson)

  15. dinosaur  (king crimson)

  16. one of those days  (adrian belew)