babe ruth

first base
- incl. 'king kong' (frank zappa)

1972 lp usa harvest sw 11151
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janita haan: vocals
dave hewitt: bass, guitar
dick powell: drums, percussion
dave punshon: electric piano, piano
alan shacklock: guitars, vocals, organ, percussion
caspar lawal: congas, bongos, kabasa
brent carter: saxes
harry mier: oboe
peter halling: cello
clive anstee: cello
manny fox: cello
boris rickleman: celle
jeff allan: drums 2

produced by alan shacklock & nick mobs

  1. wells fargo (shacklock)
  2. the runaways (shacklock)
  3. king kong (frank zappa)
  4. black dog (winchester)
  5. the mexican (morricone)
  6. joker (shacklock)