the balls


  the balls: come out swingin'
    (2006, cd, usa, lonely puppy music) - incl. a short piece of zappa's 'apostrophe'



random notes

from cdbaby:

The Balls started in the Spring of 2004.

Nick Kane had spent several years lounging in various bands around Nashville and for most of the 90’s he traveled around the world as a member of country-pop group The Mavericks, collecting a Grammy Award and selling out 8 nights at the Royal Albert Hall along the way.

It was Nick's desire to play music that had it's own voice, unencumbered from any commercial trappings, and in Nashville's cold hard heart he found the perfect place to develop this dream without distraction. He was fortunate to find two like-minded cohorts in Rick Taylor, bass guitar; and Joe Scheibelhoffer, drums; together they have formed
The Balls.

Playing mostly Nick’s original compositions the band is forging new paths in Instrumental Rock.

Their style has been described as ‘garage-prog’: on one hand they tackle very difficult and ambitious arrangements yet the band is driven by a raw, powerful and ferociously loud rock’n’roll spirit. The Balls are known for their passionate live performances and their ability to take instrumental-music neophytes on a long and winding journey that rivets the audience and leaves them exhausted, elated and with mouths agape.

The listener will hear shades of early Deep Purple; grungy Link Wray; themes straight out of a Spaghetti Western; breezy Surf melodies; flat out paint-peeling Rock and even a touch of Pachelbel. And yet, it’s like you’re hearing it all for the first time.
"a bona-fide 3 piece rock’n’roll chamber orchestra"
"sounds like a pissed-off Dick Dale”
“it’s like going to school”


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