the beasts of bourbon

sour mash
     - incl.'hard work drivin' man' (nietsche)

1988 lp australia red eye redlp5
1989 lp germany red eye / normal redlp5
1990 cd australia red eye / polydor redcd5

recorded easter 1988

kim salmon: guitar
boris sujdovic: bass
spencer jones: guitar
james baker: drums
tex perkins: vocals, guitar
adrian hornblower: tuba, soprano sax

the cd has a bonus track (= no.s 8 & 11)

  1. hard work drivin' man
  2. hard for you
  3. watch your step
  4. playground
  5. door to your soul
  6. there are the good old days
  7. the hate inside
  8. the big sleep
  9. pig
  10. driver man
  11. elvis impersonator blues
  12. today i started loving you again
  13. flathead (the fugitive)
  14. this ol' shit
  15. sun gods