bjorn berge

st slide
    - incl. 'keep it greasy' (frank zappa)

2004 cd norway  farmen cfcd 108

bjorn berge: guitar

  1. keep it greasy (frank zappa)
  2. black jesus (e.schrody)
  3. trains (t.jamne)
  4. they haven't seen the last of me (t.jamne, b.berge)
  5. minutes (t.jamne, b.berge)
  6. ace of spades (kilmister, clarke, taylor)
  7. one kind favour (trad., b.berge)
  8. thursday (m.sandman)
  9. n.v. (t.jamne, b.berge)
  10. every morning (k.moore)
  11. no one can forgive me but my baby (t.waits)
  12. attitude & lattitude (t.jamne, b.berge)