i got a baaad feelin' about this
    - incl.'here i am (i always am)' (van vliet)

1994 lp usa in the red records itr027
1994 cd usa in the red records itr27

recorded and mixed august 1994

mick collins: vocals, guitar
alex cuervo: bass
janet walker: drums
darin linwood: guitar, vocals

produced by dave katznelson

  1. blacktop (intro)
  2. tornado love
  3. i think it's going to rain
  4. planet earth (goddamn!)
  5. mojo kitty
  6. blazing streets
  7. fro beyond
  8. here i am (here i always am)  (van vliet)
  9. confusion
  10. the grave
  11. no one knows your a dog
  12. flagpole hill
  13. your pretty face (is goin' to waukeegan)
  14. blacktop (outro)