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BLUTCH is an improvised music project, founded by David Treesome and Kim Kang, organised at least once a year when a group of friends/musicians come together during a weekend to record music. 
Here’s how it works: Everyone brings his own musical instruments, the musicians split up in groups of 2 or 3. Each pair gets 30 minutes to record one or more pieces of music onto a multitrack recorder. After their session is over a second pair can either add music to the first pair’s recordings or start a whole new track. During the course of the sessions each musician will have worked with all of the others, because after each session the pairs change. Also; sometimes all musicians jam at the same time or a musician goes solo. This process goes on until the end of the weekend.
When all the recordings are finished Kim Kang takes on the incredible task of mixing all the different pieces, songs, cut-ups etc… into one session. The result can be a popsong, a bizarre soundscape or pure dada collages… 

The first Blutch session took place in 1999.
Material from the first two sessions (recorded in October 1999 and June 2000) can be found on the first Blutch album.


blutch: blutch 1 "mien ana dodo" / blutch 2 "to the moon and back"
    (2015, lp, bel, bananafishin' records 005) - feat. kim kang

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