the bonedaddys

to jam is human, to gig devine
    - incl. 'crazy little thing' (don van vliet)

1991 cd usa voss records vcd2-72916

recorded live at 'the belly up tavern', solana beach, ca, usa on 1990/11/08 and at 'madam wongs', santa monica, ca, usa on 1990/11/09

michael tempo: percussion
kevin 'honey' williams: lead vocals
paul lacques: guitar, vocals
jay work: saxophones
rick moors: bass guitar
jal vatuk: guitar, vocals
ron froese: keyboards, vocals
roderick 'swinging rod' njoes: drums

produced by dave wakeling

  1. push am forward  (afro national)

  2. let me go party  (k.willams)

  3. crazy little thing  (d.van vliet)

  4. little lost angel  (k.williams, r.moors)

  5. soul makossa  (manu dibango)

  6. in my club  (k.williams)

  7. brand new mind  (p.lacques, r.lawrence)

  8. say the word  (p.lacques, j.vatuk, r.moors)

  9. how can you stand there?  (d.wakeling, p.lacques, k.williams)

  10. yes they do  (k.williams, p.lacques, r.moors, j.vatuk)