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In 1998, the britten sinfonia did a three-concerts series called "Frank Zappa and the Fathers of Invention". 
In 2000, they did another concert where they performed a number of Zappa compositions.
Nov 18, 2015 saw the Britten Sinfonia perform another two Zappa pieces.

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    (1999, cd, uk, camebridge corn exchange) - incl. britten sinfonia: 'igor's boogie', 'g-spot tornado' (frank zappa)



"frank zappa and the fathers of invention"



random notes

     From: Martin Gregorie (
Keep an eye out for CDs by the Britten Sinfonia. They are a younger orchestra and will, if they keep improving, be competition for the EM.  Example: EM sort of use G-Spot as a sig tune - The Britten Sinfonia seem to use The Black Page (statistically dense version) the same way and play the hell out of it.  

     From: unknown
The concerts the Britten Sinfonia played in Cambridge were excellent so this could be a goodie. Who is the rock outfit?

       From: Chunga001 (
They're called The Zappatistas, and the they're described in the festival leaflet as 'a top band of musicians (and fans of the man [ie Zapp]) led by the guitarists' guitarist John Etheridge.'

     From: Andy Murkin (
     Subject: Zappa in Cambridge, England
Last week (Feb12, 98) I saw The Perfect Stranger performed here in Cambridge, England, the first of a series of 3 concerts featuring FZ's music.  The next   one has previously unheard arrangements (by the orchestra, the Britten Sinfonia) of such as 'Uncle Meat'/'Dog Breath' and 'Little House I used to live in'. An interesting feature of the event was that before the performance proper there was a performance by a group of local primary schoolchildren (Age: 8-10) of a piece 'inspired by the music of Frank Zappa'.  Believe it or not, locally, there is such a thing as the 'Zappa Schools Project', whereby somebody is going round introducing the kids to FZ's music - and to prove it, there was an exhibition in the foyer of the theatre showing letters from the children saying 'Thank you very much for coming to our school and telling us about Frank Zappa and his music' etc.! Also performed at this concert: works by Bach, Stravinsky, Nancarrow and Reich - quite a variety, and an interesting evening.  Just shows you don't have to go to London to see the best stuff!      From: Pogue (
     Subject: Britten Sinfonia Play Zappa
I assume all you UK hardcore FZ fraternity will be attending the concert on the 30th Nov at Cambridge Corn Exchange. They do a hell of a rendition of Gspot and Dog Breath. If you left it to late there's another one due in Feb. See this:

November 18, 2015, Britten Sinfonia & Eddie Gomez will be performing a couple of Zappa pieces as part of the EFG London Jazz Festival: 

Legendary bass player Eddie Gomez joins Britten Sinfonia in this programme as part of the EFG London Jazz Festival.

A leading member of Bill Evans’ band, Gomez has been working with composer Simon Bainbridge on a new work which will feature Gomez improvising alongside the orchestra. The concert is completed by a rich programme of jazz inflected music by Stravinsky, Zappa and Milhaud.

Programme & Performers

Stravinsky Tango

Zappa arr. Cashian Igor’s Boogie

Stravinsky Ragtime for 11 instruments

Zappa Perfect Stranger

Bill Evans arr Ogermann Symbiosis (Part II)

Milhaud La Creation du Monde

Simon Bainbridge & Eddie Gomez New work (world premiere)

Britten Sinfonia

Kristjan Järvi conductor

Steven Osborne piano

Eddie Gomez double bass

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