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Brother A. West (Andrew West Reid Jr )illustrated The Real Frank Zappa Book, and "Broadway the Hard Way".  He also delivered a stirring revival onstage with the Zappa group in Philadelphia on February 14th, 1988.  This magic moment was captured to tape and reproduced for your amusement on the album, "The Best Band You Never Heard in Your Life".
He also performed with Zappa at the March 25, 1988, Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale, NY, show.

The official Brother A. West website is under construction.

Variously known as Brother A. West, Brother Awest or Brother AWest.

"Brother A. West" provided graphic design and vocal for Broadway The Hard Way. The result of a stirring revival onstage with The Mothers in Philadelphia on February 14th, 1988.

The "Brother A. West World Salivation Ministry" is a comedy troupe that has opened for a number of different punk bands in the mid 80's.  


Scoutmaster [Billy Jim Vaughn (|)] recalls:

One boy he listened to in 1969 wanted to be an artist. He gave the Scout every job in the troop that required drawing or painting. Most important, he assured the boy that he could be an artist by working hard and believing in himself. "He was able to give me enough confidence to go forward and follow my talent and follow my heart," says that boy, now grown up and working under the professional name of Brother Awest. Now an artist and production designer in television, movies, and music, he lives in Sierra Madre, Calif.


Dale Warner bass and vocalist with [The Rubatos (]

I am originally from Woodland, California (a tad north of sacramento).  I was  music coordinator and performer in the L.A.-based political/comedy troupe "Brother Awest and His World Salivation Ministry (W.S.M.) and we opened in 1984 and 1985 for Sonic Youth and the Meat Puppets when they came to L.A.  Soonafter, W.S.M. toured the U.S.A. (27 cities in as many days) as an exclusive opener for the legendary punk rock band The Minutemen. 


55 frank zappa: the best band you never heard in your life
   (1991, 2cd, usa, barking pumpkin)


random notes

     From: (6eu29o$o3b$
Was his speech for real or was it a planned part of the show?
and which show was it?

     From: "Bossk (R)" (
He was a planned part of the show, even though not everyone understood it. Zappa had to tell the audience he was not for real, because (so I've heard) some people wanted to beat him up - or something. It's the same guy that did those little drawings in The Real Frank Zappa Book. It was the show at the Tower Theater in Philadelphia, February 14 1988.

        From: Pat Buzby's '88 FAQ
I was at the Feb 14 concert in question -- it was clearly a put-on, but after the intermission FZ had to spill the beans and ask some of the less perceptive of us not to give poor Brother West a hard time if we ran into him after the concert.

     From: Charles Ulrich (
A. West also performed at 3/25/88, Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale, NY, though that's not on TBBYNHIYL.

And here is a trasncription of the aforementioned monologue for those of you who don't have the album with you.


6. A Few Moments With Brother A. West (4:01)

        Thank you very much Mr. Zappa. Um, I'm very pleased to be here on behalf of the administration, the most powerful government in the world.

And, uh, Mr. Fitzwater invited me to come here tonight to create some balance. Because there has been some things done by Mr. Zappa that I think are unfair to our country. I think from the beginning to say that this is going to be balanced when he has lingerie up here and makin' fun of children's toys as a beginning. If this is what he has in mind I think he's wrong. It's people like Mr. Frank Zappa that kept the senate from being able to send arms to the democratic freedom fighters in Nicaragua.

And I for one am headin' down there myself as soon as I'm finished up here tonight. And I want the elected official Mr. Charlie Sanders the Democrat to remember that Democrat begins with a 'd' just like demon-uh. And we'll remember you friends when it comes votin' tiiime, an Margaret Boyd and Carmen Bellacord, despite his (gigantic computer burp obscures a few words). get some help to back some things up.  Friends, these forms cost money. And this money could be goin' towards a more powerful military, this money could be goin' towards drivin' out the illegal aliens. And instead Mr. Zappa wants to have a bunch of young uninformed 18 to 21 year olds votin' here and spendin' your money . . .  and I just want you to know that tonight I love him anyway. Because I got love in my heart. And I'm not afraid of the fact that he's turned this into some kinda zoo up here. Sunday....

        (Miscellaneous reverberated mockery.)


That's not fair Mr. Zappa. Sunday night used to be a night on which Americans would get together-uh. They'd go to their place of worship and they would share. And I don't know why on this night which is supposed to be Valentine's night, here are more people that have a heart that have a love affair with America but instead they're here on a Sunday night worshippin' this man who's demon possessed. I ask you Mr. Frank Zappa, what kinda man can name a child Moon Unit-ah, what kinda man can name a child Dweezil, what kinda man can name a child Omen.

To me it defies the logic, and I'm comin' here tonight because I wanna share with him just the same way we're gonna give spirit, power to the democratic freedom fighters down there.  Our brothers that wanna have the freedom to be able to have a man like Pat Robertson. To have a man like Mr. Dole restore America. And I'm gonna ask the power and the joy and the power of the living king of kings. An' a lot of you here you smut mind and musical people say: King of Kings that must be Elvis-uh. Now I'm gonna ask for the power I'm gonna ask for the glory. I'm gonna now tell you a story. I'm gonna drive out the demons friends. I'm gonna ask you to help this badness end. Come on Frank let's have a story. Come on now, share the glory. Do you feel the power, come on put down the negativity.

Source- February 14, Philadelphia. (edited)

from: Brother Awest
September 2004

Hello Sinners and Winners-

Members from the Eagle’s Nest Prayer Group saw your website concerning our dear friend who has crossed over, Brother Frank Zappa, as it relates to me, Brother Awest.

Please, Please revise the mention under the “Brother Awest” category…regarding “my official website” …because the party listed (Psycho Comedy…) is in no way affiliated with me, my mission, “comedy” or anything else related to me. Unfortunately this misguided person is using 19 year old photos and copy he apparently created in order to link the unwitting to his adult sites , pop-ups and galleries of other porn sites.

I would sincerely appreciate your efforts to disconnect this cyber parasite.

Our official “Brother Awest World Salivation Ministry” website is under construction…and I assure you that I will contact you as soon as it is up.

Thank you for keeping Frank’s flame bright!

Be Good-

Brother Awest




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