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8. Don't Eat The Yellow Snow - Butt-Out 

I started playing music in the Boston area in the early 1980?s. While I was a student at music school I started to expand my musical taste with the exciting arrival of punk and the new wave sound. Even though the music that was influencing me at that time did not require a lot of technical theory and music "know how", I related to the emotion and the new boundries that this new music brought to the forefront.

Prior to that point I was influenced by the popular music of that time but when I first went to a "Buzzcocks show I realized that there was more to rock and roll than the rock and roll.

As a result I feel that I always have been growing as a songwriter due to the fact that I have always felt that popular music of all genre's came from one place and that was the blues.

When I heard the Stones...I heard the Blues. When I heard the Ramones ...I heard the Blues...When I heard any popular music I always hear the blues. And that is true to this day. I now realize that when I play my guitar and write music ..I am always hearing the Blues.

I consider Frank Zappa to be one of the most inspiring artist of all times. He performed his craft his own way and he made no apologies for his brilliance. When I think of the variety of musicians that he recorded with and performed with during his career it speaks for itself. There is no better compliment than to be revered by the leaders of your art. All the giants in the industry wanted to share with Frank's music. When I listened to "Don't Eat The Yellow Snow" of course I felt the strong blues undertones to the tune, (my friend insisted it was more jazz).  So to no surprise my rendition definitely has a strong blues undertone.



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