b'wana dik

Geert Tiersma is B'wana DikB'wana Dik and the Excentrifugal Forz perform the music of Frank Zappa.  They do so in concert but also have a couple of recordings available.

The picture on the right, shows B'wana Dik and the Excentrifugal Forz in concert, december 2003. Picture taken by Guus Veldhuis.
The picture shows, from left to right: Geert Tiersma, Maikel Hendrikx, Ike Naar, Nico van der Burgt and André Stijnen. Ruud Tiersma is also present, but not visible behind the drumset.










various artists: manic monday
    (1998, cd, nl, steam records 002) - incl.b'wana dik & eva heerdink: 'chunga's revenge' (frank zappa) 


b'wana dik: zappologies
    (2002, nl, cd, private release 0493) - lots of frank zappa material


b'wana dik and the excentrifugal forz: music from the other side of the fence
    (2003, nl, cdr, private release) - lots of frank zappa material




the others of invention



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