michael clay & adrian belew

a cup of coffee and a slice of time

2009 cd usa abp-5189

michael clay's piano improvisations of music from adrian belew and king crimson

  michael clay: yamaha grand piano
  adrian belew: parker electric guitar
  gary tussing: cello  1

produced by adrian belew

  1. the lone rhinoceros  (a.belew)
  2. bad days  (a.belew)
  3. the man in the moon  (a.belew)
  4. time waits  (a.belew)
  5. frame by frame  (a.belew, b.bruford, r.fripp, t.levin)
  6. intermission  (a.belew)
  7. fly  (a.belew)
  8. she is not dead  (a.belew)
  9. sleepless  (a.belew, b.bruford, r.fripp, t.levin)
  10. union terminal  (a.belew, m.clay)