the adrian belew trio

live in germany

2011 dvd usa adrian belew

performed and recorded live at the leverkusen jazz festival in leverkusen, germany on november 3, 2008

adrian belew: guitar
julie slick: bass guitar
eric slick: drums

produced by adrian belew
co-produced by julie slick

  1. introduction
  2. writing on the wall  (adrian belew)
  3. ampersand  (adrian belew)
  4. dinosaur  (king crimson)
  5. young lions  (adrian belew)
  6. beat box guitar  (adrian belew)
  7. a little madness  (adrian belew)
  8. of bow and drum  (adrian belew)
  9. e  (adrian belew)
  10. three of  perfect pair  (king crimson)
  11. thela hun ginjeet  (king crimson)