edgar broughton band

In 1969, the Edgar Broughton Band paired Don Van Vliet's 'Dropout Boogie' with the Shadows' 'Apache'.
The track is listed as 'Apache Drop Out - Apache Introducing Dropout Boogie'.
Originally released as a single and on the "Wasa Wasa" album, the track can also be found on various compilation albums.

from Wikipedia: 
"Their next single, "Apache Dropout", combined The Shadows' "Apache" with Captain Beefheart's "Drop Out Boogie". It was played (to astonished and puzzled reactions) on the David Jacobs' hosted BBC Television's Juke Box Jury. Jerry Lordan, the composer of "Apache", insisted that the title be "Apache Dropout" instead of the original "Dropout Apache". The single reached #33 on the UK Singles Chart, stalling partly due to the then-current postal strike."



1 edgar broughton band: wasa wasa
    (1969, lp, uk, harvest)

ebb_wasawasa.jpg (21508 bytes)

2 edgar broughton band: sing brother sing
    (1970, lp, uk, harvest) - the 2004 reissue includes the peter jenner version of 'apache drop out' (shadows / don van vliet)

ebb_singbrothersing.jpg (32823 bytes)

  edgar broughton band: apache dropout / freedom
    (1970, 7", uk, harvest) - incl. 'dropout boogie' (don van vliet)
3 edgar broughton band: edgar brougton band
    (1971, lp, uk, harvest)

ebb_ebb.jpg (25305 bytes)

4 edgar broughton band: inside out
    (1972, lp, uk, harvest)

ebb_insideout.jpg (26052 bytes)

5 edgar broughton band: oora
    (1973, lp, uk, harvest)

ebb_oora.jpg (21709 bytes)

  edgar broughton band: a bunch of 45s
    (1975, lp, uk, harvest) - incl. 'dropout boogie' (don van vliet)

  edgar broughton band: super chip: the final silicon solution
    (1982, lp, uk, ??) - reissued on cd in 2006
  edgar broughton band: out demons out
    (1986, lp, ger, harvest 062-2607241) - incl. 'dropout boogie' (don van vliet) - reissued on cd in 2001

  edgar broughton band: as was
    (1988, cd, uk, emi cdp 7 90963 2) = compilation  - incl. 'dropout boogie' (don van vliet)

  edgar broughton band: singles compilation
    (1992, cd, uk, document series csap cd109) - inc
l. 'dropout boogie' (don van vliet)
  edgar broughton band: harvest festival
    (1999, 5cd, uk, emi / harvest 521198 2) - incl. 'dropout boogie' (don van vliet)
  edgar broughton band: demons at the beep
    (2000, cd, uk, ??)
  edgar broughton band: live at rockpalast (2006)
    (2007, dvd, ger, wienerworld)
  edgar broughton band: keep them freaks a rollin'
    (2009, cd, uk, emi / harvest 66179 cd) - incl. 'dropout boogie' (don van vliet)

ebb_keep.jpg (24574 bytes)



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