frank black

teenager of the year
    -  feat.eric drew feldman, morris tepper

1994 cd can polygram 769 742 021-2

frank black: vocals, guitar
eric drew feldman: bass, keyboards, synthetics
nick vincent: drums, bass
  lyle workman: lead guitar
  joey santiago: lead guitar
  morris tepper: lead guitar  11,17

produced by eric drew feldman, frank black and al clay

  1. whatever happened to pong?
  2. thalassocracy
  3. (i want to live on an (abstract plain)
  4. calistan
  5. the vanishing spies
  6. speedie marie
  7. headache
  8. sir rockaby
  9. freedom rock
  10. two reelers
  11. fiddle riddle
  12. olé mulholland
  13. fazer eyes
  14. i could stay here forever
  15. the hostess with the mostest
  16. superabound
  17. big red
  18. space is gonna do me good
  19. white noise maker
  20. pure denizen of the citizens band
  21. bad, wicked world
  22. pie in the sky