frank blake

Frank Blake is duo: Norman Blake on vocals, bass, guitar, keyboards and percussion, plus Francis Macdonald on drums, vocals, keyboards, guitar and percussion.  They recorded Frank Zappa's  'Anyway The Wind Blows' for a Shoeshine Records compilation album:


  various artists: shoeshine chartbusters
    (1997, cd, uk, shoeshine records shoecd001) - incl. frank blake: 'anyway the wind blows' (frank zappa)

On recording 'Anyway The Wind Blows', Norman Blake says: "I hadn't heard any Frank Zappa and I was wondering what he sounded like. I thought his most musical thing would be his first thing so I got the first Mothers Of Invention LP. I started playing through it and 'Anyway The WInd Blows' was the really obvious pop song. I thought it was really good and would be fun to do. Again, it was all done pretty quickly and just sort of worked out on the spot because that's the way Frank Blake like to work."

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