lex l. bronkowitz orchestra

lex l. bronkowitz orcchestra plays the music of frank zappa - get dressed or arrested
    - all compositions by frank zappa

2000 cdr ger private release

alexander debus: guitar, bass, vocals, drums programming
katharina debus: vocals  5
claus porstmann: vocals 10

  1. 'dog breath'
  2. 'inca roads'
  3. 'sofa'
  4. 'uncle meat'
  5. 'mr. green genes'
  6. 'transylvania boogie'
  7. 'king kong'
  8. 'let's move to cleveland'
  9. 'harry, you're a beast'
  10. 'honey, don't you want a man like me'
  11. 'mom and dad'
  12. 'the idiot bastard son'
  13. 'watermelon in easter hay'
  14. 'oh no (bass variation)'
  15. 'mr. green genes meets uncle meat'