tom barman and guy van nueten

dEUS frontman Tom Barman toured with Guy Van Nueten in 2001 and 2002. Barman on guitar and vocals, Van Nueten on piano. They performed dEUS songs, but also a number of compositions from other artists: Bowie, JJ Cale, Gainsbourg,...

The picture on the right shows Van Nueten (left) and Barman (right).

During their 2002/04/05 concert in 'De Stadsschouwburg' in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, they also performed Don Van Vliet's 'Harry Irene'. The track was released on super-audio disc (disc number two) of their "Live" album.

tom barman -> dEUS

Magnus = Tom Barman + CJ Bolland.






tom barman & guy van nueten: live
    (2003, 2cd, bel, universal 986 5926/7) - incl.'harry irene' (don van vliet)

  taxiwars: s/t
    (2015, cd, bel, universal)

taxiwars_cd.jpg (22923 bytes)





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