alessandra celletti

"Born in Rome, Alessandra Celletti had a classical piano training and graduated at Rome's Santa Cecilia's Music Conservatory. Then continued her studies with Valeria Gobbi Belcredi, focusing her interests and talent on late XIX Century French Music Impressionism."




  alessandra celletti: les sons et les parfums (debussy-ravel-satie)
    (1994, cd, ??, bleriot)
  alessandra celletti: viaggio a praga (autori boemi dal '700 al '900)
    (1996, cd, ??, bleriot)
  alessandra celletti: overground
    (1997, cd, ??, bleriot)
  alessandra celletti: hidden sources (gurdjieff-de hartmann)
(1998, cd, ??, kha)
  alessandra celletti: esoterik satie (erik satie)
    (2000, cd, ??, kha)
  alessandra celletti: black baby (scott joplin)
    (2002, cd, ??, kha)
  alessandra celletti: metamorphosis (philip glass)
    (2005, cd, ??, kha)
  alessandra celletti: chi mi darà le ali
    (2006, cd, ??, bleriot)
  alessandra celletti: the golden fly
    (2007, cd, ??, kha)
  alessandra celletti: way out
    (2008, cd, ??, ltm)
  alessandra celletti: alessandra celletti plays baldassarre galuppi
    (2009, cd, usa, transparency 0347)

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  celletti / roedelius: sustanza di cose sperata
    (2009, cd, usa, transparency 0348 )

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  alessandra celletti: crazy girl blue
    (2011, cd, usa, transparency 0362)

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  alessandra celletti: paraphernalia
    (2011, book + dvd, usa, transparency 0372)

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  alessandra celletti: above the sky
    (2013, cd, usa, transparency 0381)

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random notes

The "Parahernalia" book has an exteded inteview by Massimo Marchini and Alessrandra Celletti. It also presents a lot of pictures, and some short stories. Besides the actual discography, there's a short list (with pictures) of a couple of "unavailable albums". The list includes "Alessandra Celletti / Karlheinz Stockhausen - Integrale Klavierstücke", "Alessandra Celletti: The Worst Of Italian Popular Song", "Alessandra Celletti: The Merry Barbarian By Bartok And Variations On The Theme", and "Alessandra Celletti Plays The Music Of Frank Zappa - Ruth Is Sleeping". The covers of these imaginary albums look like the real thing. On the right is the cover of the nonexistant Zappa album.


Alessandra Celletti plays Baldassarre Galuppi - Sonata in Do maggiore (andante)

Alessandra Celletti plays Baldassarre Galuppi

Celletti / Roedelius : Azure




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