barry cleveland


2010 cd usa moonjune records mjr033


  barry cleveland: electric guitar, 12-string electric guitar, sampled percussion, sampled mellotron, acoustic guitar, moog guitar, guitarviol
  robert powel: pedal-steel guitar
  michael manring: bass
  celso alberti: drums
  amy x neuburg: vocals
  deborah holland: vocals
  harry manx: vocals
  even schiller: mixing, processing
  artist general: voice
  gino robair: dumbec, kendang
  erdem helvacioglu: acoustic-electric guitar, electronics
  rick walker: drums
  forrest fang: mixing, processing, violin


  1. lake of fire (barry cleveland)

  2. money speaks (barry cleveland)

  3. you'll just have to see it to believe (cleveland / helvacioglu)

  4. stars of syaulita (barry cleveland)

  5. warning (cleveland / general)

  6. what have they done to the rain (malvina reynolds)

  7. abandoned mines (barry cleveland)

  8. suicide train (barry cleveland)

  9. telstar (joe meek)

  10. dateless oblivion & divine repose (barry cleveland)

    bonus tracks

  11. abandoned mines (forrest fang remix) (barry cleveland)

  12. you'll just have to see it to believe (alternate mix) (cleveland / helvacioglu)

  13. lake of fire (evan schiller remix) (barry cleveland)