caballero reynaldo

kazoo's revenge
- all compositions by frank zappa  //  = unmatched vol.13

2010 cd spain hall of fame records hof-051-cd

= unmatched vol.13

marieta tamarit: vocals
manoel macėa: guitarras cardinales
ozcar mccuenca: trombones
manu pahinui: lap steel hawaiano y guitarras utielanas
romān garcėa: adaptaciōn de letras y portada
luis g.: voces, bajos, guitarras, baterias y personalizaciōn de letras

all compositions by frank zappa, arranged by ozcar mccuenca, manoel macėa & luis gonzālez

produced, mixed & mastered by luis g. at lui's garage

  1. aybe sea
  2. in france
  3. crew slut
  4. honey, don't you want a man like me?
  5. goblin girl
  6. florentine pogen
  7. dinah-moe humm
  8. mudd club
  9. dancin' fool
  10. trouble every day
  11. san ber'dino
  12. he's so gay
  13. keep it greasey
  14. muffin man
  15. find her finer
  16. my guitar wants to kill your mama
  17. stick together
  18. son of orange county
  19. stevie's spanking
  20. a little green rosetta