captain beefheart

easy teeth

2016 2cd uk gonzo multimedia gonzo gsgz006cd

'official' edition of the 2lp bootleg

1978/02/18 concert 'golden bear', huntington beach, california, usa

captain beefheart * denny walley * jeff moris tepper * eric drew feldman * robert williams * harry duncan

disc one

  1. flavor bud livin'
  2. electricity
  3. click clack
  4. a carrot is as close as a rabbit gets to a diamond
  5. floppy boot stomp
  6. bat chain puller
  7. nowadays a woman's gotta hit a man
  8. crazy little thing
  9. when I see mommy I feel like a mummy
  10. owed t'alex

disc two

  1. low yoyo stuff
  2. pachuca cadaver
  3. abba zaba
  4. grow fins
  5. dali's car
  6. china pig
  7. sure 'nuff 'n yes, I do
  8. sun zoom spark
  9. gib eyed beans from venus
  10. golden birdies