don van vliet  a.k.a.  captain beefheart
magazine specials & articles


  • rolling stone 1970/05/14
        (1970, usa, ??) featuring an article on the captain

  • new musical express 1980/11
        (1980, uk, ??)
    • british music mag.  it featured a beefheart special.
  • conjunction no.3
        (1982, usa, conjunctions)
    • Issue number three of Conjunctions magazine featured a Don Van Vliet painting on the cover and included a couple of drawings and fourpoems:
      • hollow smoke
      • popplin' gas hearts
      • the smith that cleans our stars
      • dopedinstunnedmirages

  • artforum 1983/02
        (1983, ??, ??) = art magazine

  • option - july/august 1985
        (1985/07, mag, usa, sonic options network)
    • this american music magazine carried a 3-page article by scott becker:
      "in search of captain beefheart - the enigma behind the man"


  • damp no.5
        (1990/winter, mag, usa, kevin kraynick)
    • an american music magazine.  this issue is a beefheart special.
    • a beefheart poll

    • a phone call to don

    • a quizz (by henry kaiser)

    • a special issue of the duplex planet illustrated
      by david greenberger

    • a zoot horn rollo interview (by scott colby)

  • kunstforum no.112
        (1991/04, germany)
    • April 1991, Kunstforum published the first part of its "Outside USA" special. It featured a 8-page article with lots of pictures of paintings:
      "Don Van Vliet: Das Organlose Leben", Paolo Bianchi & Robert Fleck.
  • acc'enten
    (2000/12, belgian magazine)
    • = incl. a 3-page article on the rockin' art expo.

  • oor - december 2001
        (2001, magazine, nl)

    = 5-page piece on beefheart, cb interviewed by bono
    • this 'x-mas' edition of oor, a dutch music magazine, has been compiled by anton corbijn.  the mag has a 5-page piece on beefheart: don van vliet interviewed by bono.

  • mojo - april 2002
        (2002, magazine, uk)
    • the mag has a 5-page piece on beefheart: don van vliet interviewed by bono - compiled by anton corbijn.

    • this was taken from the 'x-mas' edition of oor (december 2001), a dutch music magazine.


  • mojo - november 2005
        (2005, magazine, uk)
    • the mag includes a 2-page article on "How To Buy" Captain Beefheart

  • the wire - february 2011 - no.324
        (2011, magazine, uk)
    • The February issue of THE WIRE (#324) featured a couple of Captain Beefheart tributes, including a comic strip by Savage Pencil, a poem by Byron Coley and some insider Magic Band knowledge from Gary Lucas).