bat chain puller

2012 cd usa vaulternative records vr 2012-1

recorded in 1976

don van vliet: vocals, harmonica, sax
john french: drums
john thomas: keyboards
moris tepper: guitar
denny walley: guitar, accordion

produced by captain beefheart
music director, john french
'hobo-ism' produced by denny walley with captain beefheart
original recordings & mix / remix engineer: kerry mcnabb

all compositions by don van vliet, except where noted

  1. bat chain puller

  2. seam crooked sam

  3. harry irene

  4. 81 poop hatch

  5. flavor bud living

  6. brick bats

  7. floppy boot stomp

  8. ah carrot is as close as ah rabbit gets to ah diamond

  9. owed t'alex  (don van vliet & herb bermann)

  10. odd jobs

  11. human totem pole (the 1000th and 10th day of the human totem pole)

  12. apes ma

    bonus tracks

  13. bat chain puller (alternate mix)

  14. candle mambo

  15. hobo-ism  (don van vliet, denny walley)