captain beefheart & the magic band

the dust blows forward
    - anthology including one unissued track

1999 2cd usa warner archives rhino r2 75863


  1. diddy wah diddy    -    the a&m single
  2. frying pan    -    the a&m single
  3. electricity    -    from "safe as milk"
  4. abba zaba    -    from "safe as milk"
  5. beatle bones 'n somin' stones    -    from "strictly personal"
  6. safe as milk    -    from "strictly personal"
  7. moonlight on vermont    -    from "trout mask replica"
  8. ella guru    -    from "trout mask replica"
  9. old fart at play    -    from "trout mask replica"
  10. sugar 'n spikes    -    from "trout mask replica"
  11. orange claw hammer    -    from "trout mask replica"
  12. my human gets me blues    -    from "trout mask replica"
  13. china pig    -    from "trout mask replica"
  14. lick my decals off, baby    -    from "lick my decals off, baby"
  15. woe-is-uh-me-bop    -    from "lick my decals off, baby"
  16. i wanna find a woman that'll hold my big toe till i have to go    -    from "lick my decals off, baby"
  17. the smithsonian institute blues (or the big dig)    -    from "lick my decals off, baby"
  18. i'm gonna booglarize you baby    -    from "the spotlight kid"
  19. click clack    -    from "the spotlight kid"
  20. grow fins    -    from "the spotlight kid"
  21. when it blows it stacks    -    from "the spotlight kid"
  22. little scratch    -    previously unrelease outtake from the "clear spot" sessions
  23. big eyed beans from venus    -    from "clear spot"
  24. golden birdies    -    from "clear spot"


  1. nowadays a woman's gotta hit a man    -    from "clear spot"
  2. low yo yo stuff    -    from "clear spot"
  3. too much time    -    from "clear spot"
  4. my head is my only house unless it rains    -    from "clear spot"
  5. clear spot    -    from "clear spot"
  6. upon the my-o-my    -    from "unconditionally guaranteed"
  7. party of special things to do    -    from "bluejeans & moonbeams"
  8. sam with the showing scalp flat top (zappa, beefheart, mothers)    -    from "bongo fury"
  9. debra kadabra  (zappa, beefheart, mothers)    -    from "bongo fury"
  10. hard workin' man    -    from the original motion picture "blue collar"
  11. bat chain puller    -    from "shiny beast (bat chain puller)
  12. the floppy boot stomp    -    from "shiny beast (bat chain puller)
  13. tropical hot dog night    -    from "shiny beast (bat chain puller)
  14. owed t'alex    -    from "shiny beast (bat chain puller)
  15. hot head    -    from "doc at the radar station"
  16. ashtray heart    -    from "doc at the radar station"
  17. sue egypt    -    from "doc at the radar station"
  18. making love to a vampire with a monkey on my knee    -    from "doc at the radar station"
  19. ice cream for crow    -    from "ice cream for crow"
  20. the past sure is tense    -    from "ice cream for crow"
  21. light reflected off the oceands of the moon    -    original single release