album cover

captain beefheart and the magic band

somewhere over detroit

2014 cd uk gonzo gzo104cd

rereleased on vinyl in 2015
    (2015, 2lp, uk, let them eat vinyl let234lp)

recorded in concert at 'harpo's', etroit, michigan, usa, 1980/12/11

captain beefheart: vocals, saxophones, chinese gongs
eric drew feldman: bass guitar, synthiszer, mandolin, mellotron
robert arthur williams: drums, percussion
richard 'rick' snyder: guitar
jeff moris tepper: guitar

  1. intro

  2. nowadays a woman's gotta hit a man

  3. abba zabba

  4. hot head

  5. ashtray heart

  6. dirty blue gene

  7. best batch yet

  8. safe as milk

  9. doctor dark

  10. a carrot is as close as a rabbit gets to a diamond

  11. one red rose that i mean

  12. bat chain puller

  13. my human gets me blues

  14. sugar and spikes

  15. sheriff of hong kong

  16. the dust blows forward, the dust blows back-kandy korn

  17. suction prints

  18. big eyed beans from venus