captain beefheart

full moon - hot sun live in kansas

2015 cd uk keyhole khcd9070

also released on vinyl
    (2015, lp, uk, keyhole khlp9070) - minus the latest track

1974/04/22 'cowtown ballroom', kansas city

don van vliet / captain beefheart: vocals, saxlphones, chinese gongs
fuzzy fuscaldo: guitar
ty grimes: drums
del simmons: saxophone, flute
dean smith: guitar
michael smotherman: keyboards, vocals
paul uhrig: bass


  1. mirror man
  2. upon the my-o-my
  3. crazy little thing
  4. full moon, hot sun
  5. sugar bowl
  6. this is the day
  7. keep on rubbing (it's mighty crazy)
  8. be your dog
  9. sweet georgia brown
  10. abba zaba
  11. peaches 
  12. peaches (encore)