captain beefheart

live at knebworth 1975

2016 lp uk ozit records ozit

limited edition on orange vinyl / rsd release

1975/07/05 condert knebworth park

captain beefheart and the magic band

captain beefheart: vocals, mouth harp
wingeld eel fingerling: guitar
ella guru davidson: guitars
drumbo: drums
indian ink / jimmy carl black: drums
bruce 'fossil' fowler: trombone

side a

  1. moonlight on vermont
  2. abba zaba
  3. band introduction
  4. orange claw hammer
  5. dali's car
  6. when it blows it stacks
  7. my human gets me blues

side b

  1. alice in blunderland
  2. geatle bones 'n' smokin' stones
  3. gimme dat harp boy
  4. electricity
  5. i'm gonna booglarize you baby