captain beefheart

amsterdam '80

2006 cd uk major league productions mlp12cd

1980/11/01    concert 'paradiso', amsterdam, the netherlands

don van vliet / captain beefheart: vocals, harmonica, chinese gongs, saxophone
richard midnight hatsize snyder: guitar, slide guitar
robert arthur williams: drums, percussion
jeff moris tepper: guitar, slide guitar
eric drew feldman: bass guitar, keyboards

  1. abba zaba
  2. hot head
  3. ashtray heart
  4. dirty blue gene
  5. best batch yet
  6. safe as milk
  7. her eyes are a blue million miles
  8. one red rose that i mean
  9. doctor dark
  10. bat chain puller
  11. my human gets me blues
  12. sugar 'n' spikes
  13. veteran's da poppy
  14. dropout boogie
  15. sheriff of hong kong
  16. kandy korn
  17. suciont prints
  18. big eyed beans from venus