captain beefheart

the rarest previously unreleased 1970s live and studio tracks

2013 lp uk ozit dandelion lp 8015

limited edition of 500 copies on green and 500 copies on blue vinyl

don van vliet / captain beefheart


side one

  1. steal softly through snow  (studio)
  2. i wanna find a woman  (live)
  3. hair pie bake III (bass solo)  (live)
  4. golden birdies  (studio)
  5. space age couple (live)
  6. i love you, you big dummy (live)
  7. i wanna booglarize you  (studio)
  8. woe is uh me bop  (live)
  9. bellerin plain  (live)

side two

  1. one red rose that i mean  (live)
  2. when big joan set up  (live)
  3. the clouds are full of wine  (live)
  4. click clack  (studio)
  5. earth angel  (live)
  6. doctor dark  (live)
  7. peon  (live)