cardboard amanda

cardboard amanda

2006 cd usa liar leaver records 001

(a frank camiola project)

françois louis camille: violin, cello, string bass, percussion, more
dee harris: indian slide guitar, banjo, harmonica, percussion, more
christof christofovich tuninsky: vocals, clarinet, piano, kalimba, more

  1. gaspard de la fruit

  2. detoxicus itinerary

  3. pretty farm animals one

  4. cerebral intestinoidal transdection process

  5. pagoda fey

  6. picture show

  7. grungard's dream

  8. fever box

  9. garden of the sanitational sanctorum

  10. mumper

  11. top of the world

  12. satan builds a carousel

  13. chair in the air

  14. pretty farm animals two

  15. blood from the twinkle bird

  16. kwei-kwei-kwei

  17. le corbusier

  18. the homeless king of ikaluktutlak

  19. pandora's box

  20. pretty farm animals three

  21. one potato

  22. globus and the magnificent magnetic reconnection