cpt. cheese-beard & the 7 sisters of prevention

live @ the atelier210
- all zappa material

2007 dvdr-demo belgium private release

recorded during the 2007/05/18 concert at 'atelier 210' in etterbeek, belgium

johan de coninck corsius: guitar & voice
didier demeestere: drums
pascal hauben: bass
sara corsius: keyboard
katja maes: melodic percussion
ansje de groef: flute
ludovic jean-mart: sax
kristof kerremans: sax
rojah lao: vocals
vanessa spy 007: very dynamic backing vocals

all compositions by frank zappa

  1. more trouble every day
  2. andy
  3. yo'mama
  4. black napkins
  5. city of tiny lites
  6. sofa

bonus (feat.mark & the special guest guitar player from spain)

  1. the torture never stops