julian cope

floored genius 2
    incl. 'are you hung up?' (frank zappa)

1993 lp uk nighttracks records clpt003
1993 cd uk nighttracks records cdnt003

julian cope: guitar, keyboards, vocals
donals ross skinner: guitar, keyboards, drums
steve lovell: gmuitar
brother johnno: guitar
moon-eye: guitar
k-r frost: keyboard
joss cope: keyboard
rooster cosby: drums
chris whitten: drums
gary dwyer: drums
john dillon: drums

  1. the greatness & perfection of love (julian cope)
  2. head hang low (julian cope)
  3. hey high class butcher (julian cope)
  4. sunspots (julian cope)
  5. me singing (julian cope)
  6. hobby (julian cope)
  7. 24a, velocity crescent (julian cope)
  8. lauging boy (julian cope)
  9. o king o chaos (julian cope)
  10. reynard the fox (julian cope)
  11. pulsar (julian cope)
  12. crazy farm animal (julian cope)
  13. christmas mourning (julian cope)
  14. planet rider (julian cope)
  15. transmitting (julian cope)
  16. soul medley
    free your mind and your ass will follow (funkadelic)
    everything playing at once (julian cope)
    are you hung up? (frank zappa)
    hung up and hanging out to dry (julian cope)
  17. you think it's love (julian cope)
  18. double vegetation (julian cope)