caballero reynaldo & the grand kazoo

unmatched vol.X

2009 cd spain hall of fame records hof-36-cd

marieta tamarit: vocals
ozcar cuenca: trombone
manoel macýa: solo guitar
luis prado: organ and piano
luis gonzÓlez: vocals, acoustic & electric rythm guitar & bass

masterized by shipley ; produced by luis g.

unmatched vol. x - the grand kazoo

all compositions by frank zappa

  1. lumpy gravy theme (duodenum)

  2. pojama people

  3. the torture never stops

  4. eat that question

  5. your mouth

  6. dirty love

  7. i'm so cute

  8. big leg emma

  9. catholic girls

  10. electric aunt jemima

  11. i have been in you

  12. it just might be a one-shot deal

  13. love of my life

  14. mr. green genes

  15. bobby brown goes down

  16. harder than your husband

  17. wowie zowie

  18. stick it out

  19. watermelon in easter hay

  20. joe's garage




hof-036-cd hall of fame records - 2008