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ANTHONY DE MARE (this is his right name he's from the U.S. but played in Europe (the Netherlands and Germany).
The recording of Little House was a radio broadcast from the WDR 3. (Western Germany Radio) on 25apr88. Includes coughing and the chair shuffle.

Then there was a Dutch Broadcast on 24oct87 from Amsterdam of Sad Jane 1st and 2nd mov for two pianos played by ANTHONY DE MARE AND GERARD BOUWHUIS.  There was also a broadcast on 29APR97 on Dutch Radio 4.
This time De Mare was replaced by --- van Zeeland (just can't remember his first name)

(included: A Dutch clipping:)

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Some more background on ANTHONY DE MARE can be found at

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This cover version I have but I don't have additional Info: Anthony de Mare - Sad Jane (1987)