cannonball adderley

the black messiah

1971 2lp usa capitol

recorded live at 'the troubadour', hollywood

cannonball adderley: saxophone
george duke: piano, electric piano
walter booker: bass
nat adderley: cornet
roy mccurdy: drums
airto: percussion
ernie watts: saxophone a3, b1, c2, d1 to d6
alvin battiste: clarinet  d2 to d6
buck clark: congas  c1, d4, d6
mike deasy: guitar  a3, b1, c1, d1 to d6

produced by cannonball adderley and david axelrod

side one

  1. introduction
  2. the black messiah
  3. monologue
  4. little benny hen

side two

  1. zanek
  2. dr. honouris causa

side three

  1. the chocolate nuissance
  2. untitled
  3. the steam drill

side four

  1. eye of the cosmos
  2. episode from the music came
  3. heritage
  4. circumference
  5. pretty paul
  6. the scene