da willys

satuhday nite palsy
    - incl 'frying pan' (van vliet)

1990 lp ger brake out records out105

also released on cd

lynne von: vocals
peter landau: drums
jenna mcgrath: bass
leon ross: guitar

produced by michael chandler

side one

  1. new york stomp
  2. love rollercoaster
  3. kitchen action
  4. cryin in the river
  5. month o' may
  6. sea life
  7. anguished love

side two

  1. human garbage car
  2. oh willy
  3. fryin' pan  (don van vliet)
  4. wanna be wanted
  5. racer x
  6. earthquake
  7. big 4 door
  8. what dey say