the dangerous kitchen

the dangerous kitchen pays tribute to frank zappa
    - all compositions by frank zappa

1998 cd can port royal pr-2210-2 

walter boudreau: conductor
pauline vaillancourt: soprano
simon fournier: baritone
jacques drouin: keyboards
matthew ma: keyboards
simon stone: alto sax, flute, wx 7
bruce pennycook: soprano sax, wx 7
jean-maurice payeur: guitar
jacques roy: bass
julien grégoire: percussions
alain thibault: sampling

  1. zomby woof
  2. andy
  3. florentine pogen
  4. peaches en regalia
  5. the black page (drum solo)
  6. the black page no. 1
  7. the black page no. 2
  8. inca roads
  9. drowning witch interlude
  10. envelope
  11. teenage prostitute