dead anyway

o, what a noble mind is here overthrown
    - incl. 'bobby brown' (frank zappa)

1993 cd ger metronome 517 855-2

andy fath: black guitar
k.p. texter: vocals
fred p.: loud guitar
alex & alex: the amok bros.

produced by gerhard magin & dead anyway

  1. dead (dead anyway)
  2. ayve (dead anyway)
  3. o, what a noble mind (dead anyway)
  4. augh (dead anyway)
  5. heinz is dead (dead anyway)
  6. dead pain fuck (dead anyway)
  7. cyberspace (dead anyway)
  8. trip, trip come inside (dead anyway)
  9. that's right, you're in (dead anyway)
  10. 2 mohawks (dead anyway)
  11. free base (dead anyway)
  12. living abortion (dead anyway)
  13. bobby brown (frank zappa)
  14. hippieshit (dead anyway)
  15. 37 homeless (dead anyway)
  16. sick, mean, loony... (dead anyway)
  17. flowers (dead anyway)
  18. super cosmic rape (dead anyway)
  19. the holy groove (dead anyway)
  20. anyway (dead anyway)