following sea

2012 cd eu play it again sam piasr560cd


  tom barman: vocals, guitar, keyboards
  klaas janzoons: violin, keyboards, vocals, percussion
  stéphane misseghers: drums, percussion, vocals, keyboards
  mauro pawlowski: guitar, vocals, keyboards
  alan gevaert: bass, vocals, guitar, mandolin
  tim vanhamel: vocals  7
  jon birdsong: trumpet  5
  guy van nueten: piano  2
  marc steylaert ensemble: strings  6
  peter vermeersch: string arrangements  6
  kobe proesmans: percussion  1, 4, 8
  emilie vloeberghs: backing vocals  6
  trijn janssens: backing vocals  6
  tomas de smet: clap hands  2
  myrddin de cauter: clap hands  2
  antonia paz: clap hands  2

produced by adam noble

all music by deus
all lyrics by tom barman

  1. quatre mains
  2. sirens
  3. hidden wounds
  4. girls keep drinking
  5. nothings
  6. the soft fall
  7. crazy about you
  8. the give up gene
  9. fire up the google beast algorithm
  10. one thing about waves