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in a bar, under the sea

2017 2lp picture disc eu universal 5747902

re-release as picture disc of the 1996 album

  tom barman
  stef kamil carlens
  jules de borgher
  klaas janzoons
  craig ward
  bart maris: trumpet

paintings by rudy trouvé

produced by eric drew feldman

side one

  1. i don't mind whatever happens

  2. fellof the floor, man

  3. opening night

  4. theme from turnpike

side two

  1. little arithmetics

  2. gimme the heat

  3. serpentine

  4. a shocking lack therof

side three

  1. supermarketsong

  2. memory of a festival

  3. guilty pleasures

  4. nine threads

side four

  1. disappointed in the sun

  2. roses

  3. wake me up before i sleep