psychogenic atrophy

2014 download usa private release

released on cd by crucial blast records in 2015

drew cook: guitar, vocal, percussion
nolan cook: guitar, vocal, percussion
greg brace: bass, lead vocal
harland burkhart: drums, vocal, audio manipulation

produced by dimesland

  1. are they cannibals?  (n.cook)
  2. dying foretold  (d.cook)
  3. institutional gears  (n.cook)
  4. xenolith  (d.cook, h.burkhart)
  5. that cold moment  (n.cook)
  6. malfunctioning gears  (n.cook)
  7. bound in stone  (n.cook)
  8. odd feats are bid and won  (n.cook, d.cook, h.burkhart)